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To ensure that Westgate Health is a sustainable Cooperative, we have introduced new fees effective from 1st July 2024.

Westgate Health Co Op will be participating in the 2024 Influenza Roll out.

The flu is the most common vaccine preventable illness in Australia.

The flu is a highly contagious viral infection. It may be mild in some, but it can cause very serious illness, hospitalisation and even death in otherwise healthy people. It is especially serious for babies, people aged over 65 years, people with underlying medical conditions and pregnant women.

Vaccination is a safe and effective way to help protect you from the flu. By getting vaccinated, you also help protect those that are too ill or too young to be vaccinated and help slow the spread of the disease.

Who should get a flu shot?

Annual vaccination against the flu is recommended for everyone over 6 months of age.

Who is eligible for a Government Funded flu vaccine?

The Australian Government's National Immunisation Program provides a free flu vaccine to eligible people, including:

·        People aged 65 and older

·        Pregnant women

·        All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months or over

·        People aged 6 months and older with medical conditions that put them at risk of complications from the flu

·        Children 6 month to less than 5 years old.

Patients who do not qualify for a Government Funded Flu Vaccine

Westgate Health will have private flu vaccines for all patients aged 6 months and over.

These vaccines will incur a fee of $20.00.

Consultations are Bulk Billed for this Program.

We strongly encourage that our patients take part in 2024 influenza roll out program prior to the winter season, please contact our reception team at Newport 03 9391 2222 to make an appointment.

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